School Counseling

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Students receive weekly classes on many character education skills. They also have lessons on study skills, safety skills, drugs/alcohol abuse, bullying, physical/emotional/sexual abuse, and many other topics. I conduct individual counseling sessions and small group counseling sessions. I work closely with teachers and parents on ensure that students are able to succeed.

We discuss and learn about the following topics:

Character Education
Stranger Danger
Fire Prevention and Safety
Personal Health and Safety
Drug Awareness and Prevention
Conflict Resolution and Stress Management
Good and Bad Touches
Bully Prevention
Positive Decision Making Skills
Career Goals and success in the future
Any other topics requested by teachers or administration


 Kelley Hickman, School Guidance Counselor


Advice for Parents
Answers questions on how to talk to your children.


Bullying is a huge problem! This website offers advice for parents about what to do if it is happening to your child.


Truth on Drugs
A very informative site to help find out the truth about drugs and how to help children make drug-free choices.


Student Organizational Habits
Offers advice on how to help a child become better organized.


Even an elementary student can struggle with depression. This site offers insight in to this topic.


Help with Anger
Help control anger, before it controls you or your student!