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Principal's Corner


                Usain Bolt is said to be the fastest sprinter in the world. He showed talent at an early age, winning a gold medal in the 2002 world junior championships for the 200 meter race. However, a hamstring injury in 2004 left him in last place in the 2005 world track-and-field championships final. Usian could have given up. He could have given in. He could have pursued other options. But Usain chose to press on.

                In 2007, Usain Bolt showed a renewed commitment to his training. He was determined to regain what he lost through his injury. He seemed committed to proving to the world that he was still a great runner. His hard work paid off. In 2008, he broke the world record for the fastest 100 meter race. That same year, he became the first man to ever set three straight world records in the Olympics. And he didn’t stop there.

                Usain continued to train and he continued to win. He won gold medals and shattered records in both the 2012 and the 2016 Olympic games. He finally retired in 2017 after another hamstring injury.

                So what’s the point? Usian Bolt never gave up. When he was hit with a tragedy, he kept going. His training had taught him to push through. He reaped the rewards because he perservered.

                At Chester County Middle School, as most schools, it is easy to give up in the third quarter. It’s easy to give in to the thought that the work is too hard. The work is hard! But the reward is worth it! Let us strive to follow in the footsteps of the great runner Usain Bolt. Let us learn the lesson that he modeled for us that there is a reward waiting for us if we stay the course and never give up.

                Let’s go get that gold!